„Krio-Serwis” Ltd. in Odolanow was established on the 1st of May 2002 as a partnership owned by a group of employees. The company is the result of restructuring process in PGNIG (Polish Oil and Gas Company) in Odolanow. The restructuring process was based on separating of works according to devices maintenance and to protect the continuity of works in PGNIG.

Employees of Krio-Serwis Ltd have high qualification and over 25 years of experience in making works by devices that are installed at gas, mining, chemical industry and also in range of cryogenic installation and transmission system. Many of our employees have certificates from well known international companies to do the services.

We also posses The System of Quality Management PN-EN ISO 9001, The System of Quality Management in Welding PN-EN3834 and rights of Welding Department to make welding construction in range of small companies.

The company declares supervision over making welding works by welding team right to the standard PN-EN719 “Welding. Welding supervision. Task and responsibility.” All of the welding engineers have rights after passed exam due to standard PN-EN287-1, in required range of welding works.

The range of works:

Ø     Diesel and gas powered engines
Ø     Different types of compressors
Ø     Different types of pumps
Ø     Heat exchanger, technological warmer
Ø     Ball valves and bolts of different sizes
Ø     Cryogenic installation equipment
Ø     Devices and installation under received by The Office of Technological Inspection.
Ø     Electricity and pneumatic control and measurement apparatus
Ø      Electrical installation and devices up to 30 KV
Ø     Against explosion implementation of devices up to 1KV
Ø     Gas, CO, airing , water and wastewater installations

And also:

Ø     Production commissioning according to clients’ individual needs.
Ø     Wire constructions
Ø     Welding of austenitic wire, aluminum
Ø     Lighting measuring

The company acts at polish market. Among of clients have either privet or state clients. It makes service based on contract, orders or deals and also cooperating deals at fixed time in long period.