Quality Policy


    "KRIO – SERWIS" Ltd. was established on the 2nd of May 2002 as a partnership owned by a group of employees. Most employees are the shareholders of the company. The company origin is the result of the restructuring process in Polish Oil Gas Company (POGC) - Division Zaklad Odazotowania Gazu KRIO in Odolanow. Employees shareholders stand out of mamy years of work experience which are included in Company's work range.
   "KRIO – SERWIS" Ltd. want to increase the Company value and level by providing comfort for clients throught supply them comprehensive on the highest standard services, a modern technology's solutions and by the company mission fulfilment:

Operational reliability and customer satisfaction success of „KRIO – SERWIS”

     We know that the recipient market of electrican and chemical equipment and instalations will be developing, KRIO - SERWIS Ltd. wants to be leading supplier at assembly service, inspection and overhouls and also security and use upkeeping for national customers and vital exporter for european customers, by using the highest standard of services quality, new modern technology solutions with the high customer service and providing service prices.
   Quality of our service is the priority and our business card. We possess The System of Quality Management ISO 9001 and Office of Technical Inspections’ Certificates.
   Experienced and trained well team, with qualifications right to profile of company’s activity, makes the basic of the activity and also hope for development implementation.


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